Myths And Facts About Minoxidil Drug

Date :28-Aug-2019

Hair loss has become a dreadful threat to many people. Almost 5 out of 10 individuals do suffer from some kind of hair fall issues. In a few, the hair fall intensity is severe while in a few, the intensity is less. But if seen overall, every second person is suffering from some kind of hair fall issues.

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In recent years, one medication that has helped immensely to deal with hair fall is the famed Minoxidil drug. This drug is one such topical treatment for hair loss that is FDA approved. But the problem is after people came to know about this drug, most of them tend to buy the drug from local chemist stores without any doctor’s prescription. What should be understood is that though Minoxidil drug is helpful for hair loss, it does not work equally for every individual. Without proper evaluation by a medical expert, it should never be used.

Here are some common myths and facts about the Minoxidil drug that everyone should be aware of 

#Myth 1 Minoxidil can treat complete Baldness

One of the common myths about Minoxidil is, it can treat baldness completely. Hair loss is caused due to constricted blood vessels, especially when there is patterned baldness. If the hair follicles are not getting enough nutrients and oxygen, hair fall occurs. Minoxidil, on the other hand, opens the vessels so that oxygen can reach the dying follicles. But if an individual already has dead follicles, Minoxidil is not going to work. More invasive treatments are required to treat such a condition. 

#Myth 2 Minoxidil is enough for hair loss

Though Minoxidil is an FDA-approved topical hair loss ingredient, it is not the only ingredient that promotes hair growth. Minoxidil worksgreat when it is combined with other hair loss treatments. Only a certified dermatologist can provide you with the exact therapy, that suits your skin and scalp. 

#Myth 3 You don’t need to prepare the scalp before taking the drug

Most people do not know that Minoxidil can also be harsh on some skin types. This is the reason why dermatologist gives a pre-treatment formulation to help Minoxidil suit your skin type.

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In short, Minoxidil is not for everyone. So stop buying the drug without a doctor’s prescription! If you are going through hair fall issues or other hair related issues, visit the Vitalsklinic. Here the doctor will evaluate your skin and scalp type and then suggest an effective treatment that will work best for you. 

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