Filler is a cosmetic treatment that is used to smooth the wrinkles, facial lift and fill the pitted scars in the skin and make the lips fuller. Fillers are basically injections that are given under the skin to raise or puff up the area.


They give temporary effect that usually goes away over time. The commonly used filler is hyaluronic acid but calciumm hydroxylapatite is also being used.

Dermatologist injects the filler under the skin using a needle or cannula at certain points to give the desired effect, A visit may be required after completion of the process to see if any corrections are required.

Advantages of fillers

  • Fight against fine lines to give smooth and line-free skin to the aging face
  • Prevent wrinkles and enhance a person’s complexion that is in late 20s or early 30s
  • Fillers work to fill creases and make the skin look plump
  • Enhances sunken cheeks
  • Fills hollows
  • Add fullness to the lips

Why Vitals?
Appropriate filler for appropriate site in appropriate quantity is analyzed by dermatologists
and accordingly treatment is provided by them.

Authored By Dr. Harish Prasad

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